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Futuristic issue tracking.

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for Mac OS 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12 — Release Notes

Clean UI

Simplified case management means you have more time to spend on the work you enjoy.

FogBugz Client Main UI
FogBugz Asynchronous Live Edit


Fire and forget.
Bee manages things in the background for you.

View cases that are relevant to you

Create rules to organise cases into manageable lists.

Filter your issues
Improved Email Inline Replies

Improved Email

Interact with inline style messages easily.
Bee collapses your email conversations more accurately.

Short List your cases

Mark cases as things to do Next.
Bee organises your Short List in the menubar.

Short List your cases
FogBugz Intervals

Track Case Intervals

Easily get an overview of your day, and export your timesheet to CSV.
Intervals are kept in sync with your server.

Features fine-tuned to make you more productive

Quicklook QuickLook

Keep your Downloads folder clutter-free and view attachments quickly.

Notification Center Notifications

Keep on top of your support queue and track events with your teammates.

Live search Live-Search

Fast incremental search means you don't have to wait for slow, search results to come back.

Create issues anywhere Create Anywhere

Bring up the global create window anywhere on your Mac and easily create new cases.

Drag and drop Drag and Drop

Create subcases quickly by dragging and dropping a case on top of another.

Progress scrubber Progress Scrubber

Track your progress at a glance and click on closed cases to view them.

Smart Lists Smart Lists

Filters which update live as new cases come in. See what's relevant to you.

Markdown Editor Markdown Editor

Switch to your Markdown notes to keep track of ad hoc tasks or to capture ideas.

Short List Short List

Plan the day ahead with the cases you want to work on.

Sync your issues Always In Sync

Bee works for you in the background, keeping you on top of events with the rest of your team by syncing with your server.

Smart UI Smart UI

Don't waste time retracing your steps. Bee remembers and restores everything in the UI.

Smart Pause Smart Pause

When your Mac is idle, Bee makes sure your current case is paused and sends the time entry to your server.

You're 75% more efficient when using Bee

A radical approach to FogBugz case management

Integration with your Mac means FogBugz is now more powerful than ever.

The clean UI lets you get on with the work you love rather than spending time managing cases.

Plenty of customisation options available for you to make Bee work just the way you like.

Subcases are easy now. Just drag a case on top of another to create a subcase.

Everything is asynchronous meaning you can reply to an email and close a different case, all at the same time.

Notification Center integration means you're quicker to take action when new support emails come through.

Having FogBugz on your desktop means you don't have to wait for slow server response times.

Timing cases has never been easier or more intuitive.

Bee improves FogBugz and improves your workflow - all to make you more productive.

Only $29.99. You'll live in this thing all day.

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Used and trusted by engineers at these companies

Used by Apple, SAP, CBS, Tinder, Atlassian, Spotify amongst many others

Loving @thebeeapp so far. Great OS X app for JIRA, GitHub Issues, and FogBugz. It’s making me not hate keeping up with our JIRA anymore :)

— Dan V Peterson (@danvpeterson) February 8, 2014

@thebeeapp OMG, I've had your app 10 minutes & I'm in love. I've been dreaming of a good Native Bug Client. Even started building one 2x.

— Frederic Barthelemy (@fbartho) February 8, 2014

If you haven't tried it, check out @thebeeapp. Absolutely beautiful, and has completely clean up dealing with a mess of @github issues.

— Matthew McMillion (@mlmcmillion) January 25, 2014

@thebeeapp you are my favorite person of the day.

— Ryan Quinn (@mazondo) January 31, 2014