Create Smarter

Bee is getting smarter with each update. In v1.7 Bee now remembers values you type or select in each field during item creation. This makes a huge difference when creating multiple items, or as a way to set up an ad hoc template for your new items.

E.g. If you always create items with a particular assigned user, Bee will remember the assigned user and pre-populate that field for you each time.

URL Schemes

Adding to the URL schemes that Bee already supports, there is now a new scheme to integrate Bee search with your favourite tools.

Simply use bee://search?query=<URL encoded search query>.

OS X Service

After installing v1.7 you can now select arbitrary text anywhere on your Mac and open it in Bee if it is a valid item identifier. Here’s an example with a JIRA email notification:

JIRA Email notification

The Short List

The Short List lists your Next items as well as the items you’ve worked on recently. You can now adjust this behaviour in Preferences to only include your Next items:

Short List Preferences

And as always…

Check out the Bee release notes for all the other great features and fixes that made it into this release.

Tuesday May 6, 2014