Hello Bee 3

After more than a year in intensive development, and 2 months in public pre-release mode — I’m excited to announce the arrival of Bee 3.

Bee 3 is a complete redesign and in most cases, a complete rewrite of the UI. I removed all the rough edges and clunky interactions from the previous interface and added smooth transitions and crisp animations where it made sense. Bee is now more fun than ever to use.

All of the plugins that provide support for the services that power Bee were enhanced. Parts were rewritten and hot paths were optimised. The result is a more efficient, reliable and consistent experience across the board. This is the biggest and most ambitious release of Bee to date.

Some of the main features added for each plugin are described below.

JIRA now supports watcher and voter fields. And also allows you to group by Epic as well as construct Smart List rules pointing to Epics. Sprints are able to be created and edited within Bee. And when you perform a search, you can perform it across labels as well.

GitHub now fully supports emoji reactions, and there more events being pulled into each issue’s timeline. Also there is smart collapsing of long commit lists. And multiple assignees are also now fully supported.

Manuscript (formerly known as FogBugz) now has a useful feature where it automatically closes the case after you post a reply to an email inquiry. Super handy if you use Manuscript for handling customer support.

The Markdown editor present when editing and creating issues is brand-new and gets rid of the whole edit/preview/edit cycle. What you type in Markdown is now automatically styled. You can also experience this new editor when you add a new Notes list and start editing your text files within Bee.


When you install Bee 3, it takes a copy of your existing Bee 2 local cache and upgrades its schema. So you always have the option of returning to using Bee 2 if you wish.

I’ve never before charged for an upgrade in the 5 years since Bee has been available. It is for this reason, that there is no upgrade discount. (However if you have purchased Bee within the last 3 months, email me and I’ll see what I can do.)

Lastly Bee has been removed from the Mac App Store, and the only place you can purchase it is directly via this web site. The main reason for this is so that releases can be shipped more often. In fact over the last 2 weeks, I’ve shipped 9 updates already.

Thank You

Thank you to all who use Bee daily and who support its development by purchasing a license.

I’ve been here for 8 years now, and have been continuously refining what my idea of working with an issue tracker should be. I love working on Bee and hope I get to do so for a while longer yet. Here’s to the next 8+ years!

Tuesday April 17, 2018