Hierarchies Evolved

Bee v1.6 includes substantial improvements in stability, performance and usability. It also enhances the way lists which include sub-tasks or sub-cases are displayed.


Your items sometimes appear in hierarchies (sub-tasks, nested cases). Prior to Bee v1.6, the entire hierarchy was always preserved showing you just the top level. This was confusing.

Now, all items are displayed flat in the list regardless of their position in their hierarchy. Nested items deep inside their hierarchy gain a button which allows you to peek at their hierarchy and their position in the hierarchy. Once the hierarchy is toggled, you can reorder items or create new sub-items within the toggled tree - it is fully active!

These kind of quick actions are simply not possible in the web UI and is another example of how using Bee enhances your productivity.

Here’s a quick clip demonstrating this new behaviour:

Pasting Images and more Display Options

You can now paste images into an item and Bee will convert your image to a PNG and attach it, ready for uploading.

There are also options now for toggling tags which appear within the list on/off. You can also toggle the Range Labels on/off. (Range Labels are the interspersed labels which indicate ranges such as ‘Updated just now’ or ‘Created 10 minutes ago’.)

Tuesday April 15, 2014