Project Search and Switcher Width

The first major release of Bee 3 is out today — v3.1! This is a rundown of the more interesting parts of this release.

There is now an additional mode of searching - project search. Just hit Command + Shift + F and you can search the current project you’re in, and nothing else. This is ideal for users with large numbers of projects.

Switcher Dynamic Width

The other major change is the Switcher. It now resizes dynamically to fit the width of your largest project name. The amount of feedback received due to the previous limitations surprised me. However I’m now a convert to the dynamic version.

Update Frequency

Previously Bee checked your server for delta updates every 5 minutes. Now it checks every minute. This was a result of user feedback. Now you’ll receive notifications of changes much more closer to the fact.


When Bee crashes, a dialog pops up when you next launch asking if you’d like to submit the crash log. This is a service provided by Hockey and allows me to view and fix these crashes.

I’ve gone through all of the crash reports and resolved them all for v3.1. There were one or two (there always are) that stumped me and I’m looking forward to seeing them again in the wild if they even do reappear. I always want Bee to be crash-free. So if you do get a crash, please send in the crash log if Bee asks you to.

Up Next

Some more improvements to the UI will be filtering out in the next couple weeks. The UI is already looking slightly different to the product images on the product site due to user feedback over the last couple of weeks. I listen intently to any feedback and am always iterating the interface. So if you have any opinions - please send them my way :)

Thursday May 3, 2018