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There’s got to be a faster way of doing this. That’s the sentence I used to hear in my head everytime I had to login to the Manuscript website. I use Manuscript for handling all of Bee’s customer support enquiries so I know all about Manuscript’s pain-points.

Bee is designed to take away the frustrations of navigating the cumbersome site and of having multiple tabs open like a fiend, just so you can cross-reference cases and projects.

I’ve been designing and redesigning Bee for 8 years now and the goal has always been to create an issue tracker that is lightning fast, beautiful and lightweight. Bee is built on the best frontend technologies (Core Animation and AppKit) to deliver a superior user experience.

Bee’s home page showcases the powerful features that it has to offer, but there are some additional, specific Manuscript features that I’ll go into below.

Start typing to search instantly across all of your cases, comments, emails and tags.

Bee performs a fuzzy search across everything except for tags which are an exact, determinate search. No need to learn any of the complicated axes and queries to find what you’re looking for.

Reply To Last Email And Close

If you’re replying to an Inquiry, you can enable the option to “Reply To Last Email And Close”.

This will send your comment to the email address as a reply, and then close the case. This is especially handy for dealing with customer support when you want to close the case after each reply.

Time Tracking

Bee automatically creates and maintains your Timesheet for you whenever you start and pause cases.

You can also switch to the Timing list to view and edit your Timesheet directly within Bee.

Window Management

Open up multiple cases at once, or multiple projects in separate windows.

Collapse the main window into a single list of cases and group and sort them the way you want, instantly.

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