Project Search and Switcher Width

The first major release of Bee 3 is out today — v3.1! This is a rundown of the more interesting parts of this release.

There is now an additional mode of searching - project search. Just hit Command + Shift + F and you can search the current project you’re in, and nothing else. This is ideal for users with large numbers of projects.

Switcher Dynamic Width

The other major change is the Switcher. It now resizes dynamically to fit the width of your largest project name. The amount of feedback received due to the previous limitations surprised me. However I’m now a convert to the dynamic version.

Update Frequency

Previously Bee checked your server for delta updates every 5 minutes. Now it checks every minute. This was a result of user feedback. Now you’ll receive notifications of changes much more closer to the fact.


When Bee crashes, a dialog pops up when you next launch asking if you’d like to submit the crash log. This is a service provided by Hockey and allows me to view and fix these crashes.

I’ve gone through all of the crash reports and resolved them all for v3.1. There were one or two (there always are) that stumped me and I’m looking forward to seeing them again in the wild if they even do reappear. I always want Bee to be crash-free. So if you do get a crash, please send in the crash log if Bee asks you to.

Up Next

Some more improvements to the UI will be filtering out in the next couple weeks. The UI is already looking slightly different to the product images on the product site due to user feedback over the last couple of weeks. I listen intently to any feedback and am always iterating the interface. So if you have any opinions - please send them my way :)

Thursday May 3, 2018

Hello Bee 3

After more than a year in intensive development, and 2 months in public pre-release mode — I’m excited to announce the arrival of Bee 3.


Tuesday April 17, 2018

New San Francisco Font

Bee v2.3 has just been released! If you are running OS X 10.11 El Capitan, the first thing you will notice is that Bee’s UI is now using the new San Francisco typeface throughout.


Monday January 18, 2016

v2 with a new UI

Bee v2.0 is out now! There’s a whole host of under-the-hood performance improvements, but the main thing you’ll notice is the refreshed UI for OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Bee is now faster and lighter.

As well, there are exciting improvements and features still to come with the new v2 base which will be released in the coming months.


Friday November 7, 2014

In Preparation for Yosemite

Bee v1.9 is out now. The release notes for v1.9 are smaller than usual for a major release and whilst there are a couple of notable new features and fixes, the majority of changes have been happening under the hood.

Bee is being prepped for Yosemite support and for the support of additional issue trackers.


Sunday August 24, 2014


This latest release of Bee brings with it a much requested feature: timesheets!

FogBugz and JIRA have sophisticated time tracking built-in. Bee takes advantage of this fact and introduces a fun, new and intuitive way of interacting with your logged time.


Friday May 30, 2014

Create Smarter

Bee is getting smarter with each update. In v1.7 Bee now remembers values you type or select in each field during item creation. This makes a huge difference when creating multiple items, or as a way to set up an ad hoc template for your new items.

E.g. If you always create items with a particular assigned user, Bee will remember the assigned user and pre-populate that field for you each time.


Tuesday May 6, 2014

Hierarchies Evolved

Bee v1.6 includes substantial improvements in stability, performance and usability. It also enhances the way lists which include sub-tasks or sub-cases are displayed.


Tuesday April 15, 2014

Bee <3 Cocoapods

CocoaPods (the open source dependancy manager for Objective-C) is having a Bug Bash to help clear out the issues in their backlog. The top contributors will have an opportunity to win licenses for some of the best software available on the Mac today:


Wednesday March 26, 2014

Custom Notifications and Issue Links

Bee v1.5. This is the biggest release so far! Here’s a run-through of some of the new things that Bee does to make you more productive at work.


Tuesday March 18, 2014

File Upload Support

Bee v1.4 just hit the App Store and is also available via the web site. The major feature in this release is something that has been frequently requested: file upload support!

There’s a completely new UI for viewing file attachments and JIRA and FogBugz now support uploading and emailing files.


Wednesday February 12, 2014

Autocompletion, JIRA Favourite Filters, FogBugz Email Attachments and More

Bee v1.3 is out now in both the web site and the App Store, and I just wanted to give a short rundown on some of the exciting new features that have emerged in this release. This is the biggest release in a while in terms of new features, with the major feature being inline username autocompletion which a lot of users have asked for.

The current release cycle of Bee is 1-2 weeks which is evident when you look at the release notes. The advantage of shorter release cycles is that user feedback can be addressed immediately - a lot of the features mentioned below are a direct result of feedback.


Wednesday January 29, 2014