Financials of a solo, indie Mac developer

Tue 22 April 2014

Bee has been developed by me for the past 3 years. It arose as a solution to using JIRA and FogBugz via my web browser. I felt that issue trackers could learn a thing or two from native GTD apps like Things, The Hit List and OmniFocus. So I set ...

App Developer vs SEO

Thu 06 February 2014

In my travels in marketing land, I’ve recently turned to tuning the web site to attempt to pick up some traffic via search engines.

Its funny how I thought traditional SEO rules just wouldn't apply to me because my app wasn't a web app. The traffic for ...

The Bee Website Redesign

Thu 21 November 2013

The new site design I’ve been working on is finally up. I spent the last 5 days on it and I tried to incorporate as much of the feedback I’ve been sent, by people who read my marketing post.

Turns out the old site was nothing more than ...

Creating the Bee video

Thu 14 November 2013

As part of my refocused marketing efforts, I shot a video of Bee. The video you see below took me 3 days to make with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition.

I’d never used video editing software and I’d never recorded my own voice for voiceover work before ...

Diary of a programmer with no clue about marketing

Thu 07 November 2013

I built this thing over several years because I wanted it and thought others might want it too.

Last week I launched it. When I say “I launched it”, I mean I tweeted about it.

Here’s what I’ve done in the space of a week in an effort ...

Mac App Distribution And Sandboxing

Tue 05 November 2013

There are a couple of options for distributing an app inside and outside of the Mac App Store at the same time.

Its straightforward if your apps are stateless, but this is probably not the case. If you had a Core Data app for example, you may want your persistent ...