GitHub Issues

Private Organizations

Due to the way GitHub’s organization application policies work, if you are a member of a private organization or have access to private repos and you do not see your repos inside of Bee — it could be because your access policy blocks third-party access by default.

To remedy this, go to this page and grant Bee access. You can read more here.

Filtered Projects

When you create a new GitHub Issues project (File > Import New Project > GitHub Issues) you have the ability to select from a section entitled ‘All Issues’.

These are Projects inside of Bee that are associated with filters that run on the server.

GitHub Enterprise

Bee fully supports GitHub Enterprise servers.

You just need to enter in the API endpoint URL when you configure a new GitHub account inside of Bee. More info here.

Personal Access Token

If you are using two-factor authentication (via SMS) or simply want to generate your own Personal Access Token (PAT) for use within Bee, you can do so by going to your Tokens page.

When you generate a new PAT, the only permission required by Bee is the “repo” permission.


Notifications are shown for new issues and all issue events, e.g. new comments, assigned to, issue closed, pull request merged, etc.

Creating Milestones

  1. Group your project by Milestone (View > Group By > Milestone).
  2. Go to File > New Milestone.

Editing Milestones

  1. Group your project by Milestone (View > Group By > Milestone).
  2. Hover over the Milestone group in the project and click the cog icon to the right of the Milestone name.