How Bee Syncs

Bee continuously syncs deltas in the background from your server.

Each project fetches the latest changes every minute in the background.

When you make Bee the active application, it also does a quick delta sync for the currently-viewed project.

Every 2 hours, Bee will also fetch the supporting entities for your projects. (E.g. users, milestones, labels, versions, components, etc.)

If you wish, you can also manually perform a full fetch. This will fetch all issues and all supporting entities and is equivalent to the sync performed when you first added the project to Bee. You can perform this full fetch by going to Project > Deep Synchronize Current Project. This will also remove any items which are not present on your server anymore.

Generally you do not ever need to manually perform a full fetch.

Bee is designed to always keep your items up-to-date in the background whilst you work.

Fetch Limit

Bee fetches the last 1,000 updated items by default. To change this:

  1. Edit your projects by opening the Switcher, highlighting the project and clicking the cog icon on the right.
  2. Update the ‘fetch limit’ value.
  3. Click ‘Done’.