Create sub-tasks

To create a sub-task, select the issue you want to create the sub-task under. Then hit Shift-Return.

Favourite Filters

In JIRA, when you create a new search - you can save the search as a ‘Favourite Filter’.

Then when you come back to Bee and add a new project (File > Import New Project), you are able to add that Favourite Filter directly as a project.

This is a powerful way to get custom JQL queries into Bee and to be able to treat them as a regular project.


Notifications are shown for new issues and new issue comments.

Untrusted/Self-Signed SSL Certificate

If your server is using an untrusted certificate and you are getting errors when attempting to connect with Bee, you will need to tell Mac OS to always trust your certificate.

A typical error when trying to connect to a server using an untrusted certificate looks like:

You can fix this by doing the following:

  1. Open JIRA inside of Safari, then click on the ‘https’ symbol to the left of the URL.
  2. In the sheet that opens, click ‘Show Certificate’, then expand the ‘Trust’ section.
  3. Then select ‘Always Trust’.

Once you do that, you will be able to authenticate inside of Bee.

JIRA Cloud With Google Login

If you are using JIRA Cloud with a Google Login, then you will need to retrieve your Atlassian Cloud password to use with Bee.

When you initially setup your Cloud account with Google Auth, you also created an Atlassian Cloud password.

Those 2 passwords are managed separately.

You can read more about it here.

To view and edit your personal settings for Atlassian Cloud, choose your profile picture at the right side of the header, then select Profile.

If you haven’t set an Atlassian Cloud password, go to the login page and choose “Unable to access your account?” in the Atlassian Cloud login section.

Once you retrieve your Atlassian Cloud password, you can use that to login with Bee.

Reorder transitions

Workflow transition order is dictated by your JIRA server.

You can follow these instructions to reorder your transitions.

You need to change the ‘opsbar-sequence’ property value of your transitions.

Once you do that and go to Project > Deep Synchronise Current Project, Bee will reflect the new order.