Keyboard Shortcuts

Commit Form

When any form is displayed - you can commit the form by hitting Command-Return.

Jump to Comment Box

On any selected item, you can hit Command-Shift-r to jump to the Comment box to start typing your reply.

Open in browser

On any selected item, you can open the item in your browser by hitting Command-Shift-w.

Open in new window

You can open any selected item inside of a new window by hitting Spacebar. Conversely you can close the item by hitting Spacebar again.

Start/Pause item

Hit Control-Spacebar to start or pause timing on the currently selected item.

Create sub-task

Select the item you wish to create the sub-task under, then hit Shift-Return.

Some links inside of Bee open up in Bee’s web popover.

You can bypass this behaviour by holding Command whilst clicking the link. This will open the link in your default browser.

Quick Entry Window

You can customize this shortcut inside the Preferences window.

To bring up the Quick Entry Window to create items wherever you are on your Mac, the default shortcut is Control-Shift-Space.