One of Bee’s goals is to allow you to time your tasks as seamlessly as possible. If you hover your mouse over the left edge of an item row, the item’s icon will grow larger allowing you to click it to reveal the radial menu. In the radial menu, you can click the ‘play’ button to start timing that item.

Your work logs are automatically sent to your server if your service supports this feature (Manuscript and JIRA).

Smart Pause

Smart Pause will pause your active task after you’ve left your Mac idle for a configurable length of time. ‘Idle’ in this case means no keyboard or mouse input.

The cool thing is, Smart Pause will also backdate your current worklog to the time before you left your Mac and send that worklog to your server. When you return to your Mac and start interacting with it again, Smart Pause will automatically begin timing on the task you left it on.

Smart Pause is fully configurable via the Preferences window (Command-,) and is disabled by default.

Smart Sleep

Enabling Smart Sleep will automatically pause your active task just before your Mac goes to sleep.


You can view all of your time logs by navigating to the Timing list in the Switcher.

Creating ad hoc time logs

To log work, you can hit ‘Return’ whilst you are in the Timing list. Then simply start typing to locate your task, then populate the remaining fields.