URL Schemes

View Item

Right-click the item identifier in the details pane to copy a Bee URL. This is a URL scheme which you can then pass around to your teammates e.g. via iMessage. Also handy for scripting.

The URL scheme is of the format:

bee://item?id=<item identifier>&project=<project name>

<project name> is optional however it is needed if you have multiple items in different projects with the same identifiers.

You can also open several items together within the same URL by using the following format:


New Item Window

You can display the New Item Window and prepare it with a list so its ready for you to create a new item.

The URL scheme for this is the following:

bee://newitem?project=<project name>

<project name> can be a project name or a list name.

To start searching Bee remotely, use the following URL scheme:

bee://search?query=<your URL encoded search query goes here>

Your search query must be URL encoded (spaces replaced by %20, etc).