Tips and Tricks

Here’s a collection of tips to help improve your workflow.


Whilst you can always hit Command-Option-n to mark an item as Next, you can also hit Command-Option-s to star it.

Starred items are indicated by a small star icon on the right-hand side of the item. Starred items are helpful when you want to group items together but don’t necessarily want to mark them as Next.

You can then also easily set up a Smart Project to show you all or a subset of your starred items.

Just start typing and Bee will automatically switch into Search mode. The titlebar flips over to reveal your search query.

Hit Escape to stop searching and return to where you were previously.

You can also activate search by using Command-f.

Reorder Titlebar Projects

You can reorder your projects in the Switcher.

  1. Open the Switcher by clicking the current project’s name in the window’s titlebar.
  2. Drag and drop any project to rearrange it.
  3. You can drag a project to the top of the Switcher, above the horizontal divider, if you wish to make this project a ‘priority’ project. Priority project differ only in their appearance in the Switcher and when shown in the titlebar.